Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby Registry: Toys, Teethers, and Pacifiers

Ok, making a baby registry is one of the most fun things, ever.  I've been doing so much research from reading reviews and looking at other Mama's baby registry essentials.  The second time around is much easier, so that's also made this registry so fun to make.  I feel crazy for adding so many things, but then again, babies do require a ton!  We have most of the big essentials like a bassinet, pack-n-play, crib, and a jumperoo, but I donated or threw away Kinsley's infant toys to make room for all of her big girl toys.  When it comes to pacifiers and teethers, I'd like Emma to have her own new ones for sure!  So, here is what's on my registry as of now in the toys, teethers, and pacifiers department.

We're planning on offering pacifiers to Emma after we establish breastfeeding, and as I've said before I'd like to try a couple of different brands because every baby is different and you just never know what kind they'll like best.  :)
GumDrop Pacifiers -These were the only pacifiers that Kinsley showed any interest in and I loved them!  It was so cute and kept us laughing whenever she did take one because you were able to see her little mouth sucking on them from the outside.
Avent Soothie Pacifiers -Tons of babies like these and this is the kind that they give out in the hospital so these are on the list of brands to try.
Nuk Soft Ortho Star Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers -Another popular brand is the Nuk brand and I know a ton of babies who love them.
MAM Pacifiers -This is another popular brand and I couldn't resist the adorable giraffe design on these ones!  The pink zebra ones get an honorable mention as well!
Wubbanubs -Ok, so this isn't actually on my registry, but I've heard really great reviews on these and they're pretty hard to resist giving how adorable they are!  I'm going to see how Emma reacts to pacifiers first before I add one of these to the to buy list because they only come with the soothies pacifier brand, but if she does like that brand you better believe I'm ordering one!  I've read so many reviews from parents who used them with babies in the nicu to parents who just loved them period.  I also love that it gives something for the baby to cuddle up with and it makes keeping the pacifier in babies mouths a little easier (or so I hear) since it gives them something to hold onto.
Now, let's move onto toys and teethers!
Sassy Ring O Links -I love the contrasting black & white color on the ring and the rainbow keys that go with them.  This toy is only $4, has great reviews, and I remember Kinsley being a big fan of the toy keys she had during the first few months, so needless to say these went on the registry.
Lamaze Jacques the Peacock -I know I sound like a broken record with the great reviews thing, but I'm just such a researcher when it comes to buying anything, especially for baby.  I know when Kinsley was in her first few months we had different little toys for her but a lot of them she really just had no interest in.  This one seems to be a big hit with babies though and since my favorite blog recommended it as well, on the registry it went!
Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Soft Teether -I really like the Vulli brand of teethers for baby.  They're made out of an all natural rubber and babies just seem to love them!  I couldn't wait to buy the Sophie the Giraffe teether for Kinsley, so this time around I wanted to stick with a Vulli brand teether but switch things up and try this one out with Emma.  It's a little cheaper than Sophie so that's a plus as well!
Kushies Zolo Fuzzi Hugbug -I personally think these toys are so cool!  They're totally crazy looking and kind of weird but I love it.  I saw a similar one earlier when backtracking on Little Baby Garvin's blog for some registry ideas and although I couldn't find the same creature she had, I did find a couple others on Babies R Us and liked this one the best. 
Bright Starts Zebra Sensory Plush -I know that highly contrasting colors are great visual aids for new babies so I'm all about the black & white toys.  I'd like to have a couple of different car seat toys for travel/home and this one stands out to me for that reason.  Plus it was among the top rated and is super cute!

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  1. bahahahah your so funny.. I love how much research you put into things like toys... I wish I had that drive!! I don't for sure... But I'm thankful for people like you and my sister who do research so then I can just ask you all!! hehehehehe... work smarter not harder as Shawn likes to say... ;-) I love all the toys...